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FinTech Connector is a rapidly growing community that requires new tools to support its members in exploring new fintech opportunities.
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FinTech Connector in details

FinTech Connector is an exclusive and virtual professional membership network that connects fintech start-ups and entrepreneurs with global professionals, organizations, and investors to collaborate on fintech opportunities around the world. FinTech Connector was established in 2017 and now has thousands of members in over 100 countries.

The rapidly growing community requires new tools to effectively connect with members, explore new business opportunities, and collaborate on innovative fintech initiatives.

FinTech Connector's mobile app is your day-to-day partner for fintech innovation.

250new members every month
50.000messages every month

Our Challenges

While designing the mobile app for FinTech Connector, our key goal was to come up with solutions to match the following challenges:


  • 1. How to process thousands of real time messages?
  • 2. How to create a scalable architecture for future growth?
  • 3. What is the best technology for the native cross-platform application?
  • 4. How to set-up a design process for a speedy go- tomarket app?

Our solution

  • 1. Robust Technologies - Rails/ Firebase
  • 2. Split the application into independent modules
  • 3. Flutter, highly performing and efficient to code
  • 4. Quick iterations design, ongoing early feedback

Working together with Angel Lorente, CEO of FinTech Connector, we set an ambitious goal to design and deliver the application in an impressive 3 months! To this end, we implemented some tools and processes to facilitate the collaboration.

  1. Everyday communication with the entire team, to come up with a clear set of requirements and priorities. We used such tools as Slack, Whatsapp and conference calls
  2. Instant UX/ UI design and minimising the time needed for revisions;
  3. A quick prototype of the mobile app to verify the look and feel of the app and test the assumptions
  4. Collaboration with the community during friendly user tests to ensure quick response and swift implementation of adjustments and improvements.

Cross-platform helped us reduce the time needed to complete the project. The technology of our choice was Flutter. This cross-platform language is used to build and maintain top-quality Android and iOS applications in a quick and cost-effective manner.

“Working with to create our mobile app was an absolute pleasure. They are professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Thanks AllBright team!”Angel LorenteFounder & CEO of Fintech Connector

Bespoke Solution

The first iteration of the project was focused on communication functionality. It allows members to search for new peers and communicate with them easily using the built-in app messaging feature.


The application is available for Android and iOS users. It was essential to design the product, which will be transparent and easy to use on both platforms.

This was achieved by employing a contrast between white background and intense color scheme, usually associated with business communication and professionalism.

We paid attention to intuitive navigation: users should be able to shift easily between app screens and functions. To this end, an easily accessible bottom menu was implemented. Spacing between elements is designed to increase the visibility, while each component has enough room to display information which is necessary for the user.


We implemented the following functionalities to make the connection and communication within the FinTech Connector community easier.


Dashboard view allows users to have a quick view on the latest updates. Users can scroll through the newest community members who have joined the platform or check how many new unread messages they have in the inbox.

It also provides a quick search functionality when someone is looking for a specific community member.


  • New members who have joined the platform
  • Recent messages
  • Quick members search access

Member lists

Effortless search for members or business opportunities - an ultimate timesaver for busy professionals. Set relevant filters and find people in your location who are interested in specific fintech initiatives.


  • Quick user search option
  • Advanced filtering tool
  • Glimpse user details view


Scroll through all historical messages or create new message threads in a flash.


  • Easy way to create peer to peer or group chats
  • Thread participants preview
  • Message preview
  • New message indicators


Message threads with real-time messaging designed for easy and efficient communication. Add new members to the communication anytime you need it. Easy access to the member profiles helps maximise business opportunities from each conversation.


  • Real-time messaging
  • Unread message indicator
  • New message notifications
  • Easy access to all member profile views


Profile view provides detailed information about each community member, including: Professional information, Fintech ecosystem, Areas of business interests

For maximum transparency, some of the sections are displayed as pills and tags, which helps highlight the key information.


  • Clear structure
  • Well organised user details
  • Pills and tags labeling
  • Linkedin and Twitter accounts