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Create healthtech apps to improve patient monitoring and care.
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01Build healtcare apps with us!

At AllBright, we produce exceptional healthtech applications for clients in the health and medical industries.
We work both with startups and established healthcare organizations, such as hospitals.
Our digital health products facilitate patient self-care and monitoring. They improve preventive metrics and reaction times in risky situations. The products also support doctors and organizations in their daily routines and with cost management. The products streamline information processing, so forming a picture of patient conditions, appointments, and available health resources becomes straightforward.
We understand the nature and complexity of the problems that healthcare organizations are facing nowadays. We know it's essential to provide tools that simplify patient care, support organizational processes, and help physicians focus on their patient's health.
We are aware of the various regulatory requirements in different markets. We always make sure that our products and processes adhere strictly to these regulations.
who work with us
Health startups
Wellbeing startups
Medical startups
Hospitals and clinics
diagnostic labs
Medical labs
We bring our knowledge and expertise in health technology to your product!
Health monitoring and companion applications
Apps designed to raise patient awareness, assist them in disease treatment activities, and aid in a faster and more controlled recovery. We develop solutions for health self-monitoring, medical treatment and prescription reminders, physical activity tracking, and convalescence progress tracking. Our products integrate with smart sensors and wearable devices.
Wellness Applications
These apps help to improve a patient's overall health. Mental health apps, fitness apps, and diet and nutrition apps are a few examples.
Medical and m-health applications
Combining existing standards with AI, these apps give doctors and hospitals cutting-edge technologies to help them make well-informed and up-to-date decisions. They help clinics and hospitals stay organized by streamlining medical and administrative personnel workflows, cutting costs, and reducing unnecessary stress on the facility.

02How we can help you

Research and product prototyping
Get a complete understanding of product objectives, functions, and target user groups. Determine which design strategies are most likely to meet health, educational, and business objectives. Test the assumptions by quick prototyping.
Business model and healthcare advisory
Having participated in many mobile and health products, we can add value to your advisory team. We help you validate and expand the product’s value proposition and business model.
Prepare the right development and publication strategy
Development and publication strategy is a crucial factor for success. Publish early and iterate quickly. The priorities and tactics depend on business needs, market maturity, the complexity of implementation, the budget and time constraints.
Build complex medical platforms and ecosystems
Comprehensive, advanced technological solutions that form complete platforms. We bring together all the pieces needed to develop an ecosystem: backend, back-office, web and mobile. Our applications act as stand-alone products and integrate into more extensive systems, such as a hospital’s infrastructure.
Assure security standards for your product
We design and build systems to conform to GDPR and HIPAA standards. Medical applications adhere to ISO 13845 and Digital Health Applications (DiGA) certificates. Integration of direct communication with hospitals is via the well-defined healthcare data exchange standards (FHIR), HL7 and German Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz (KHZG).
Great products designed for doctors and patients
Designing digital healthcare and medical products means providing solutions that match your patients or the organization's expectations. Also, it means ensuring the product is engaging, that users will enjoy and benefit from it. We make sure the UX is well-designed, and the UI is clean and aligns closely with the app's purpose. All our products meet the highest accessibility standards, so people with limited abilities can use them.
Get your app developed and meeting the highest quality standards
Our team of developers and testers is available to build and deliver your product in a very organized and efficient way! Throughout the whole app development cycle, our QA experts are verifying and assuring the highest quality of the app!
Prepare your app for publication
App Store Optimization (ASO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can get left out during the app publication stage. We help you to leverage the recognition and popularity of your products.
Get your product monitored and supported
After publication, your application needs a team of professionals to react when customers request changes. Your app needs to reconcile with the newest OS versions and devices released on the market. We make sure your app always works perfectly!

03Security compliance

Protections for medical records and other sensitive data must meet the most rigorous security standards.
We ensure that all systems and applications are highly secure and can defend against fraudulent attacks.
We build our products and services according to our security standards.
security standards
ISO 13485
ISO 14971

04What can we do!

Feasibility study and conceptualization
The business and tech viability of the product is evaluated, which is then visualised in a design concept.
A clickable version of the app to help validate the UX and UI assumptions of the product (user interactions, user-friendliness and intuitive interface).
Proof Of Concept
Validate assumptions with your target users and check if the idea is technically feasible.
A fully working version of your product containing the core features; lets you collect initial user feedback.
Long-term projects
We build, release and then monitor - handling long-term maintenance and enhancements as needed. We can adjust the product's behavior to work with new firmware and recent OS versions. We can also implement new features to meet customer demands.

05Range of offer

Patient engagement
Smart sensors monitoring apps (Internet of Healthcare Things)
Virtual doctors and clinics
Appointment booking systems
Biometric data collection and analysis
Secure applications for patients
Utility applications for medics
Accessibility products
Health monitoring
Mental health apps
Dieting and Nutrition
Health reminders
Remote Patient Monitoring
Health monitoring apps
Fitness Apps
AI-based diagnostic systems
Automatic analysis of wearables data points
Electronic Health Records

06Medical Partners

07Medical Advisor

Prof. Jedrzej Kosiuk
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dr. Jedrzej Kosiuk, FESC
  • University of Leipzig Faculty of Medicine
  • Head of Rhythmology Department Helios Klinikum Köthen
  • Visiting professor Medical University of Warsaw
  • Associate Editor EP Europace
  • SIC member European Heart Rhythm Association
  • Prof. wrote more than 70 publications in top journals with >500 IF over the past 7 years.


08Health products that we have built

Health applications for patients with cardiac diseases. Designed according to The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) guidelines. It makes it easier for heart patients to track blood pressure, heart rate, and weight. It also encourages patients to maintain a suitable level of physical activity and to remember to take medications.
An audio-video application developed to help people with hearing loss. Thanks to using a real-time transcription speech to text model, the app allows people with hearing loss to communicate with ease using a mobile application or web browser video connection.
03Audio/video solution for telemedicine
A highly secure telemedicine solution that enables patients and physicians to conduct remote audio-video consultations.
04Medical appointment management system (under NDA)
A messaging service for business communities. Users can search for and browse members of their group based on their traits, and interact with them via a custom-built chat feature.
05Women Health app (under NDA)
A mobile application designed by physicians to assist women during breast cancer therapy.
06weight body app (under NDA)
This weight and body composition monitoring application includes IoT integration. People can use it with popular smart scales, such as those made by Garmin, Withings, Xiaomi, Anker or Eufy.

Clients about us

AllBright took our challenging designs and really made them shine. They understand design, communicate clearly and sweat the details. The result was better than what we had hoped for. Working with them is a blast!Christoph KolbCDO Wahnsinn Design GmbH,

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09Why Allbright

At AllBright, we help our clients to build great digital health products. We've participated in many projects dedicated to improving healthcare today.
Each of our products has a different objective, and each serves a different set of users. Our understanding and experience are available to use in your project.
We assist you at every step in the application development process, from medical expert consultation, product research and definition, and production and deployment.
We advise you on how to turn your idea into a product. We assist you if you need to build a prototype quickly, present it to your board or investors or test it with your first clients. We take care of the technological challenges and prepare a development and publication strategy to be efficient. Our UX/UI team analyzes your customer’s behaviour and business environment, then creates beautiful designs focused on your customer’s interaction with the app.
With us, you can feel safe about quality and budget. We always make sure that our solutions are a good fit for your business and budget. We understand the importance of prioritization and achieving objectives and competitive advantage through the strategic organization of the product plan and publication dates.
Each product evolves with time; therefore, it needs designing with evolution and growth in mind. At AllBright, we assure that scalability and app maintenance is efficient, avoiding foreseeable problems.
We also make sure that your product is app store optimized and ready for a successful market entry.
15 years
of commercial experience
12 years
building scalable applications with millions of users
6 years
experience in secure fintech projects
3 years
of experience with medical and health applications
Experience with GDPR, PCI DSS and HIPAA security compliance
Built mobile applications for big corporations and brand-new startups
Great attention to details
Product team
UX and UI matters to us
10 days
Have a rapid prototype built in as little as 10 days!
Transparent development process - get new features every 2 weeks!
Transfer of IP
free trial
2 weeks risk-free trial

10Development process

1Business requirements workshop
2Market research
3UX/UI workshops
7Maintenance and Support
Business requirements workshop
A preliminary meeting to learn about your business, perspectives, and needs. We'd like to hear your thoughts and understand your company's business climate, inspiration, and product goals.

Clients about us

AllBright took our challenging designs and really made them shine. They understand design, communicate clearly and sweat the details. The result was better than what we had hoped for. Working with them is a blast!Christoph KolbCDO Wahnsinn Design GmbH,

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