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01Build mobile applications with us!

At, we help our clients create excellent mobile applications.
We'll be with you every step of the way. We help you translate your concepts into product specifications.
If needed, we can create a fast prototype to show your board of directors or investors or test it with your first clients. We establish a production and publishing plan to ensure that project collaboration is as effective as possible. We take care of all technical issues. Our UX/UI team studies user behaviour and the market climate. Then they develop beautiful and focused interfaces, making it natural for customers to adopt the app in their lives.
Feel safe about app quality and budget too. We always make sure that the solution proposed fits both your business and your wallet.
We understand the importance of prioritization. We strive to strike the right balance between making the best product, minimizing time to market, and controlling costs, with the most critical and cost-effective features arriving first.
Every product evolves over time, so it's wise to design and build them with future growth in mind. ensures scalability and app maintenance are both achievable without unforeseen problems.
We also ensure that your product is app store optimised so that it can enter the market with the highest chance of success.
We’ve developed mobile products for organisations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to mid-size companies and Kickstarter startups. We bring all the specialist knowledge and experience to your project.
Our clients:
Scale Ups

02How we can help you

Know your customers
Examine customer expectations. Market research will reveal what they want, the most critical features, and how you can make your app more impactful than the competition.
Great product designt
Designing great products means solving your customers' problems while meeting your business needs. Is your app engaging for your customers, do they enjoy or benefit from it, is the UX excellent and attractive?
Development strategy
We advise publishing early and iterating quickly. Priorities are determined by business requirements, market maturity, implementation complexity, and time and budget constraints.
Prepare for publication
When publishing an app, App Store Optimisation (ASO) is an often-missed step. We help leverage recognition and popularity for your app in the app store.
Product monitoring and support
After release, you need a professional team ready to react when customers want changes or for new OS and device updates. We make certain that your software runs smoothly at all times!
Audit your mobile app code
Want to check the quality of your app? Learn whether it conforms to development standards, locate weak areas and verify security.


03Our Flutter applications

01FinTech Connector
Community application designed for the Fintech industry professionals.
02KardioLog App
Healthtech application designed for users with diagnosed heart failure.
03Captio App
Peer to Peer video-chat application with a real-time transcription. The product is designed for hearing-impaired patients.
04Mobile Wallet App (NFC)
Mobile wallet with NFC payments integration.
05Loyalty App
Loyalty application designed to increase customer engagement.

04Why build a mobile app?

get boosted
Raise your profile and boost your brand’s accessibility
love brands
Let customers love your brand even more
increase loyalty
Solve customer problems, grow engagement and increase loyalty
earn more money
Open up new sources of revenue
Create the potential for future growth
meet customers
Understand customer needs and meet them, fast!
Cross platform app development
Native apps development
(Kotlin / Swift icons or Apple Android)
Mobile backend development
(node.js, django)

05The types of projects we work on

Interactive prototypes
Build a clickable mobile app prototype in under two weeks. This saves time and budget, as well as allowing you to confirm technical viability and get input from customers and investors earlier.
MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
Take the fast road to a cost-effective MVP. Market validations can begin sooner and happen more frequently, and you'll be in a great place for future growth.
Long-term projects
An end-to-end service that enables you to create a scalable product. Ideas, design, production, release, maintenance, and further development are the stages covered.
Phone apps
Tablet apps
Wearable apps

06The key aspects we focus on

Understand your product’s business goals, customers and competitors
Beautiful interface and excellent user experience
Reduced complexity, lower costs for development and maintenance
Great performance and scalabity
App Store Optimisation

Our team about mobile apps

AllBright took our challenging designs and really made them shine. They understand design, communicate clearly and sweat the details. The result was better than what we had hoped for. Working with them is a blast!Christoph KolbCDO Wahnsinn Design GmbH,

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07Why Allbright

We've been developing mobile applications for 15 years.
Our story began in the early 2000s when we built Symbian systems. We then created native mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows devices - before transitioning to the best cross-platform technologies available today.
In that time, we built products for businesses, small to large, across many different sectors. We gained a great understanding of mobile products and how to create apps that meet business goals and add value.
15 years
of commercial experience
12 years
building scalable applications with millions of users
6 years
experience in secure fintech projects
4 years
developing medical and health applications
Experience with GDPR, PCI DSS and HIPAA security compliance
Built mobile applications for big corporations and brand-new startups
Great attention to details
Product team
UX and UI matters to us
10 days
Have a rapid prototype built in as little as 10 days!

08Development process

1Business requirements workshop
2Market research
3UX/UI workshops
7Maintenance and Support
Business requirements workshop
A preliminary meeting to learn about your business, perspectives, and needs. We'd like to hear your thoughts and understand your company's business climate, inspiration, and product goals.

Clients about us

AllBright took our challenging designs and really made them shine. They understand design, communicate clearly and sweat the details. The result was better than what we had hoped for. Working with them is a blast!Christoph KolbCDO Wahnsinn Design GmbH,

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